meditation for health

Oxygen is Energy And Energy is Life

A negative thought can accelerate your heart rate by up to ten beats a second. Likewise, deep and focused meditative breathing techniques can relax the mind and alleviate stress and anxiety, reducing the heart rate by the same margin. This indicates a clear connection between mind and body and suggests the need to be in firm control of the mind in order to master the unconscious reactions of the body.
When faced with acute stress, our minds activate a fight or flight response by instigating shallow breathing, to conserve energy and channel it to the vital organs only as a survival mechanism. Our ancestors used this mechanism to escape dangerous situations with wild animals,  and while those exact situations don’t exist today, our minds have struggled to differentiate between “fear” and “danger” leaving some of us in a constant state of debilitating anxiety.
Our oxygenation or meditation section addresses the connection between the mind, the spinal column, oxygen and how these three control the rest of the body like generals at a battle field. You would be amazed at how the simple act of breathing controls everything we do, adjudging what is chaos and what is calm irrespective of the stimulus outside.