recuperative sleep

Recuperation is the Basis for Performance!

After we are born, and for a few months afterwards, we spend most of our time sleeping , recuperating from the ordeal of birth, while our bones, tissues and organs adapt and develop to our new environment. This becomes the blueprint for most of our lives, as our mental clarity, emotional stability, and physical prowess become dependent on the repairs and restoration that occur during sleep. If you live up to 75 years, you would have spent 25 years or 9,125 days sleeping, so one could say that all of life and existence, is engineered by sleep.
Following that logic, and ignoring the science for a moment,  most people are familiar with the revitalizing feeling that follows a good night sleep, or any kind of restful sleep for that matter. The science merely reinforces what we already know, by highlighting quantifiable evidence of the benefits of good sleep hygiene; and while it may be natural for some, others struggle to sleep or suffer from insomnia, preferring to shift dependency to prescription drugs or supplements to induce sleep. Usually, this is a short term fix and less effective in the long run, as a deeper analysis into the lack of sleep in humans has revealed indirect triggers from our subconscious, to our physicality, as well as lifestyle, to which we are oblivious most times.
Sleep is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the DOSE system because, while it is tightly integrated with the other three components of the framework, namely Diet, Oxygenation and Exercise, it remains the only aspect that is dependent on our subconscious rather than sheer willpower, and in the technologically advanced age where we are constantly “switched on”, it is perhaps, the most vulnerable.