health from exercise

Movement generates life!

We can all attest that most of us consider exercise as the holy grail of health and fitness. From the novice, to the intermediate enthusiasts, to the most advanced professionals and athletes, exercise remains the very first option that we turn to whenever the topic of “how to improve your fitness level” comes up, and the reason for this is obvious; exercise is simple, it is accessible, it is affordable and it is effective – but only when performed properly.
We believe that the successful completion of an exercise manoeuvre involves identifying the problem areas, eliminating distractions, specifying measurable targets and milestones, and managing expectations. This process assumes three essential competencies namely Mindset, Anatomy, and Ability, which are measured using a proprietary DOSE scoring system to assess task execution, and making necessary adjustments accordingly.
However, beyond sheer physical prowess, our philosophy on exercise perceives the body as constantly searching for homeostasis and negotiating the imbalances in life trying to employ the best tactic to survive. These imbalances are random and vary in their interaction with the body, necessitating that we use activity and movement, along with the other DOSE components, as a defence mechanism in managing the continuous adaptive cycle occurring within us.
At any given time, we are either trying to produce and maintain activity towards better health and fitness or regressing to a sedentary state of disease and death; so if you’re not moving, you really are dying.