You are what you eat. Famous slogan, but a major truth about health. Most ailments that you encounter in life will depend on the things you eat and how suited it is to your body type, how effective it is in nourishing you and how much protection it provides


Mindset is everything and the fact that everything we do and how we do it, starts inside the mind make it the most powerful tool in the human body that can power you to great heights or sink you to great depths



Recuperation and Repair are just as important as the activities we engage for better health. We address sleep, the benefits, the various types of sleep, insomnia, the dangers of sleep deprivation and where you can get help.


This is most popular option most people adopt when looking to improve their health. It is convenient and has very low barrier to entry and which can be a positive or a negative – depending on your approach


You are what you eat

We like to use the term “Diet” to fit our D.O.S.E acronym but really prefer the term Nutrition, because it is a better holistic approach to discussing food and supplements in general. The message to take away though is this; the earth’s food supply has been compromised, manufacturers and suppliers have become craftily creative in the mass production and distribution of their products, and the authorities meant to protect us are either powerless or complicit, so what options are there? 

We address the different aspects of food consumption, scrutinize the various trending diets out there like Keto, Paleo diet, Intermittent fasting .. . and investigate the benefits of super foods and what to avoid entirely.

Evolutionary traits that have
disappeared  photogenically
do not necessarily disappear
from an organism’s DNA”


In plain English, your DNA is
millions of years old. It holds secrets
that could answer many questions
about your health.We recommend
Bio hacking

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Oxygen is Energy And Energy is Life

Just one second of a significant negative thought accelerates the heart by ten beats a second, and likewise, deep and focused breathing can alleviate an anxious heart by the same margin. This tells us that in an anxious state, we start shallow breathing as our fight or flight response is activated – and in some people, this can be debilitating.

Our oxygenation section investigates  the connection between the mind, the spinal column, oxygen and how these three run the rest of the body like generals at a battle field. If you take nothing away from it, remember to “breathe when under duress” – it works!


Like seriously, don't mess with sleep!

When we are born, the first ten years involve a lot of sleeping which aids the growth and development of bones,
tissues and organs required to support us as we progress towards the teenage years. The buoyant over production
of hormones during the teenage years somehow becomes the staple for assessing how youthful and energetic we are,
well into age fifty, which is a recipe for disaster as the body gradually slows down, but we clutch to old habits of recklessness teenagers live by.

At twenty-eight, your body is already signalling a slow down, and begins to prep for energy and vitality in different ways. Sleep is one of those vital aspects that you will need to train yourself to re-adapt to – especially in the society where are now switched on to technology and sleep is secondary.


But I’m just as effective

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If You're Not Moving, You're Dying

The most obvious analogy regarding exercise and it’s effect on health comes from the earth itself. The earth never ever really stands still;
even In the quiet of night, it is churning along, repairing and prepping for the return of the sun in the morning and our bodies are no different.
You cannot engage in activity all the time, but  you must develop the habit of an active lifestyle, followed by moments of rest in order to
recuperate enough to resume activity.

Sometimes we must inevitably endure unexpected stress over a period of time and being active is your first defense against stress
as your mind maintains the positivity required to ride the wave. Developing and maintaining a schedule of activity is encouraged as the body,
just like the earth responds positively to it.

Trackers are the 21st century coaches

If you didn’t track it
Did it really happen?

Prove it then …