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Learn how to boost your health naturally using our D.O.S.E system: a simple and structured framework that adapts nutrition, meditation, sleep and exercise to your specific lifestyle

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Simplifying D.O.S.E

D.O.S.E explained in four simple steps 


unique DNA

At the cellular level of every human-being, critical DNA information that is unique to each person, continuously transmits instructions throughout the body, enabling us to adapt, function and excel in performance, in other to survive.

ignoring individualism

Most Health and Wellness trends ignore the distinctiveness of the genes in preference to oversimplified and generalized health information, ignoring the kaizen benefits from the study and knowledge of Genetics and Genealogy.

boosting Natural health

Traditionally reserved for exclusive research labs and clients, these intrinsic studies have become available to society today, helping us learn about the role and impact of the human genome on life, health, and even death, reinforcing the emphasis on boosting natural health .

d.o.s.e explained

The D.O.S.E System is a simple proprietary framework that uses Diet, Oxygenation, Sleep and Exercise, to boost health and performance, by extracting targeted information and using it to create personalized plans that can optimize the synergy between your genetic code and lifestyle.

Find out how you can benefit from D.O.S.E using personalized natural methods to boost health.

The Four components of D.O.S.E

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the dose philosophy

We believe that everyone is unique, and that at the physical, emotional and cellular level, optimal health is achieved by incorporating the benefits of nature, science, and technology to boost our unique genes, to complement our lifestyle

We’ve observed that that much of health and medicine focuses on generic information and concepts that ignore the fundamental differences in individual human biology. 

We believe that our uniqueness can be  enhanced by manipulating nutrition, meditation, sleep, and exercise habits and rituals to complement our genetic code and boost our lifestyle

Our solution optimizes health and wellness, by translating generic information to a basic individual level, using the natural and simple approach of D.O.S.E

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Evolutionary traits that have
disappeared  photogenically
do not necessarily disappear
from an organism’s DNA”


In other words; your DNA is millions of years old and holds secrets
that could answer many  unanswered questions
about your health.
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