Personalized Natural Health

We believe in the Uniqueness of the Individual! and therefore recommend that Lifestyle, Wellness and Healthcare, should complement this by adopting a personalized, natural approach to living . Our philosophy is that optimal health can be achieved by incorporating the benefits of Nature, Science and Technology, which we apply using our DOSE system; a simple,natural, and personalized methodology that attempts to simplify general health-based information to a basic individual level.

D.O.S.E Explained

The DOSE System is a simple framework of five concepts, namely  Diet, Oxygenation, Sleep and Exercise, that we believe  encompasses our overall physical and mental well being, which is necessary for a balanced lifestyle.  Generally, these concepts are accepted facilitators of good health and fitness, and recommended by industry experts; but we take it  further by harnessing common information, and adapting it to the uniqueness of our DNA, through by identifying intrinsic and environmental triggers,  from which we can develop an exclusive and meticulous personalized plan that complements our biology.

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Evolutionary traits that have
disappeared  photogenically
do not necessarily disappear
from an organism’s DNA”


In other words; your DNA is millions of years old and holds secrets
that could answer many  unanswered questions
about your health.
We recommend Bio hacking with ​DOSE