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Learn how to boost your health naturally using our D.O.S.E system: a simple and structured framework that adapts nutrition, meditation, sleep and exercise to your specific lifestyle

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Simplifying D.O.S.E

Breaking down D.O.S.E in 5 simple steps 

The D.O.S.E System is a simple framework of four concepts, namely DIET, OXYGENATION, SLEEP and EXERCISE, which we believe are aggregates for overall physical and emotional well being

At the cellular level, critical DNA information is continuously created and dispersed to different parts of the body with instructions on adaptation, functionality and performance.

This cellular system is unique to each person and is a cumulative of DNA code that has evolved over millions of years, to produce the best suited genes for survival.

General health and wellness information simply ignores the distinctiveness of the genes and emulate modern medicine in proclaiming the “one-size- fits-all” approach

Using D.O.S.E, we strip generic information, and personalize it to your lifestyle, by identifying intrinsic environmental triggers that complement your unique DNA.

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Find out how D.O.S.E uses natural methods to boost your health through personalization

The Four components of D.O.S.E

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the dose philosophy

Our philosophy is that optimal health can be achieved by incorporating the benefits of nature, science and technology to boost lifestyle that compliments our unique genes. When applied using our D.O.S.E system, we are able to manipulate generic health information to a personalized individual level.

We believe that everyone is unique, at the physical, emotional and cellular level.

We believe that too much of health and medicine focuses on generic information and concepts that ignore the fundamental differences in human biology. 

We believe this uniqueness is enhanced through nutrition, meditation, sleep, and exercise habits and rituals that complement our lifestyle and genetic code.

Our solution is to incorporate the benefits of nature, science and technology and apply it to lifestyle, personalized through our D.O.S.E system a simple,natural, and personalized methodology that attempts to simplify general health-based information to a basic individual level

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Evolutionary traits that have
disappeared  photogenically
do not necessarily disappear
from an organism’s DNA”


In other words; your DNA is millions of years old and holds secrets
that could answer many  unanswered questions
about your health.
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