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Between age 30 and 36, most women are unaware of the hormonal changes occurring inside the body, as they transition towards middle age, and eventually  menopause. Because these changes occur at the cellular level, they can remain unnoticed, overlooked or ignored, but eventually manifest into tell-tale ailments associated with aging.

These symptoms can begin as subtle weight gain, generally associated with aging or child bearing, but can gradually escalate to stubborn weight gain, migraines, insomnia, mood swings, hot flashes or more serious issues like hypothyroidism, increased blood pressure, uncontrolled blood sugar (pre-diabetes), and auto-immune disorders like Arthritis.
By the time  the realization is made, the all to familiar dependency on prescription drugs has begun, and most women find themselves dependent on these drugs for the duration of their lifetime.
Our observation is that these ailments develop from unnatural lifestyle habits that can be corrected bereft of pharmaceutical drugs, and even prevented through dedicated lifestyle improvements, coupled with an understanding of our genetics and biological history. This is why we recommend D.O.S.E, which creates simple, personalized health plans that are natural, effective and deliver results that are exceptional to you.

nutrition to match your genetics

Your ancestry determines much of your genetics and adaptation to the environment. Identify the nutritional foods that compliment your genetic code and boost your health and immunity.

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meditation for health

OXYGENATION for calm and control

Discover the power of meditation, and learn how to use our oxygenation techniques to adapt to your environment, by controlling your temperament and inner conversations. 

recuperative sleep

Master sleep and rest techniques, and improve deeper restorative recuperation from stress and daily life.For the insomniac and the restless, we train you to cultivate proper sleep habits and practices
recuperative sleep
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functional and effective exercise

Not all exercises are created equal, and neither are humans, so obtain personalized exercise and fitness tips that compliment your body and conditioning for better performance and functionality

D.O.S.E Explained in Four Simple Steps

we are all unique

At the cellular level of every human-being, critical DNA information that is unique to each person, continuously transmits instructions throughout the body, that enables us to adapt, function and excel in other to survive.

one size does not fit all

Health and Wellness concepts tend to focus on oversimplified and generalized information and advice, which ignores the influence that our distinctive genomes contribute to our competitive individual health and development..

Genetic indicators

Research from studies on genealogy and genomics, has helped us understand the crucial role genetics plays in our lives, health, performance and even death, reinforcing the need to manipulate our genes towards achieving optimal natural health.

individual performance

The D.O.S.E approach is a simple proprietary framework that identifies the need for personalized health plans that use Diet, Oxygenation, Sleep and Exercise, to extrapolate the hidden gems within our genetics and genealogy, and boost our natural health, adaptation and survival.

discover your personalized health plan with D.o.S.E


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Personalized Healthcare philosophy

We believe that everyone is unique, and that at the physical, emotional and cellular level, optimal health is achieved by incorporating the benefits of nature, science, and technology to boost our unique genes, and complement our lifestyle

We’ve observed that that much of health and medicine focuses on generic information and concepts that ignore the fundamental differences in individual biology and genealogy.

We believe that our uniqueness can be  enhanced by manipulating nutrition, meditation, sleep, and exercise habits and rituals to complement our genetic code and boost our lifestyle

Our solution strips down generic health information into basic individualized components that can be translated into personalized and natural health plans that complement and boost your genetic code and help you excel.

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Evolutionary traits that have
disappeared  photogenically
do not necessarily disappear
from an organism’s DNA”  WIKIPEDIA

In other words, your DNA
is millions of years old
and potentially holds the key to
many unanswered questions
that could boost your health.
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